August 21, 2017


Dedicated Angel, Inc. is an in-home care agency that provides caregivers to come to your home or facility to assist in everyday tasks.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality in-home care at the most affordable price.
Few things in life are more daunting than the loss of one’s independence. Harder still, is letting go and allowing someone to provide the appropriate help. Our angels are there to cater to your needs and help restore and maintain your independence.
Letting someone come into their home or facility is difficult for our seniors, but also for their families. Many times the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews are faced with the task of deciding whom they are going to allow to come into their loved one’s home. Understanding the trials that ALL family members go through is what sets Dedicated Angel apart from the competition.

As a small family business, we are not interested in becoming greedy or bursting with clientele. Of course we want to grow, but we want to grow our way. Our way allows us to know every single client, it allows us to be personally available to their needs and concerns, and it cements the fact that your loved one and family will never be a number on a spreadsheet.

Our goal is to help our seniors maintain their independence by extending a helping hand with their daily needs which in turn, will provide our clients with the warmth, dignity, and respect they deserve.

Whether you need a ride to a physician, someone to prepare your meals, or general housekeeping our Angels are there to keep you happy in your home or facility. We also provide skilled nursing, physical assistance, wellness and hygiene care.  Our reliable and kindhearted angels are there to provide comfort, care, and understanding. The needs of our seniors are indisputable and it is up to us to address these needs suitably.

Does your loved one or family need in-home care?

Questions to think about:
Has your loved one recently lost his/her driving ability?
Is your loved one becoming forgetful, causing previously simple tasks to become complex?
Is your work schedule or daily life creating a barrier to caring for a loved one?
Do you or does your family need a respite while caring for a loved one?
Has housekeeping and cooking become too strenuous a task for a loved one?
Are you living in a different state than a loved one and need to find a trustworthy company to provide care?
We can handle all these scenarios and Dedicated Angel will always work with every client’s needs.
We do not and will not ever have “set” rates.
Please call (727) 645-5450 to speak to Eugene or Diane to learn more about our free assessment and to ask any questions you would like.